The following reports have been taken from the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) Website, click on the photo to view the full official report on the AAIU web site. Where the is no photograph the report can be accessed by clicking on the icon. The extracts below only contain the AAIU synopsis to each incident / accident
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G-BHNO, Piper PA-28-181 (Archer II), Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2022-06-28

Report No: 2023-009, Published: 2023-08-16

Image by: AAIU Report

The Piper PA-28-181 aircraft, touched down on Runway 24 at Milltownpass Airstrip in gusty conditions. During the landing roll, it departed the right-hand side of the runway and entered rough ground. The aircraft's right wing struck a wooden post and the aircraft pivoted by approximately 180 degrees before it came to rest. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. The Pilot, who was the sole occupant of the aircraft, was uninjured and exited the aircraft unaided. There was no fire.

No Reg, Airwave Hang Glider/Mosquito Motor Harness, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2022-09-18

Report No: 2023-008, Published: 2023-07-28

Image by: AAIU Report

At approximately 15:45 hrs on 18 September 2022, the Pilot prepared the powered hang glider for flight from an agricultural field, located near Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, and launched a short time later. The powered hang glider travelled less than 100 metres and impacted with the ground. There was no fire. The Pilot was fatally injured.

EI-CDP, Cessna 182L, Irish Parachute Club

Incident/Accident Date: 2018-10-06

Report No: 023-007, Published: 2023-07-14

Image by: AAIU Report

During a parachute operations flight conducted from Clonbullogue Airfield (EICL), Co. Offaly, the aircraft, with one Pilot and four Skydivers on board, experienced uncharacteristic engine vibrations and a reduction in power. It was unable to continue its climb and the Pilot elected to return to the airfield. During the return, the engine power reduced further and a short time later the engine failed completely. The Pilot conducted an emergency landing on Runway 09. During the landing, the aircraft skidded sideways along the grass runway and came to a stop on a tarmac area beyond the end of the runway. The Pilot and four Skydivers were uninjured and evacuated the aircraft. The aircraft engine was subsequently found to have sustained substantial damage. There was no fire.

No Reg, Macfly/Dudek Nemo 4 Paramotor, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2021-06-12

Report No: 2023-006, Published: 2023-05-03

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During an exercise intended to teach the paramotor Student to kite and control a paramotor wing (canopy) above his head, the paramotor inadvertently became airborne. The Student who was being supervised by an Instructor, released the throttle instantly but did not use the 'Kill switch/button' to fully de-power the engine. On contacting the ground, the Student fell over on his left side and his left hand made contact with the spinning propeller, injuring two of his fingers. The Student attended a hospital emergency department for immediate treatment, and subsequently underwent surgery at a second hospital.

EI-GHR, ICP Savannah S, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2022-05-08

Report No: 2023-005, Published: 2023-05-02

Image by: AAIU Report

On approach to Runway 16 at Craughwell Airfield, the aircraft's right wing dropped suddenly. Attempts to correct the aircraft attitude were unsuccessful, and the aircraft impacted the grass surface in a nose down attitude. The aircraft came to rest, inverted, and the two occupants, who were uninjured, released their harnesses and exited the aircraft unaided. There was no smoke or fire.

EI-GUZ, ICP Savannah S, FunFly Aerosports Flying Club

Incident/Accident Date: 2022-08-14

Report No: 2023-004, Published: 2023-03-28

Image by: AAIU Report

During a Private Pilot Licence skill test at Clonbullogue Airfield (EICL), Co. Offaly, the Savannah S aircraft, with a Student Pilot and a Flight Examiner on board, were conducting a simulated glide approach with the intention of a full-stop landing. During the landing, the aircraft bounced a number of times. The Examiner took control and initiated a go-around during which the aircraft briefly became airborne before the go-around was rejected. The aircraft landed and came to rest in a nose-down attitude at the side of the runway. The occupants, neither of whom was injured, exited the aircraft unaided. There was no fire.

G-OPLC, De Havilland DH104 Dove 8, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2021-05-27

Report No: 2023-003, Published: 2023-03-16

Image by: Gerry Barron

Following a re-positioning flight from Coventry Airport (EGBE), UK, the twin-engine aircraft, with a Pilot and two passengers on board, touched down firmly at Abbeyshrule Aerodrome (EIAB). The aircraft veered to the right and departed the paved surface of the runway. The Pilot applied left rudder and brake, and also increased power in the right engine in an attempt to steer the aircraft back on to the runway. However, due to soft ground, the aircraft continued turning to the right and came to a stop on an adjacent grassed area south of the runway. All three blades of the right propeller sustained damage and the right main gear tyre was found to have deflated. The Pilot and passengers were uninjured. There was no fire.

EI-DDC, Cessna F172M, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2022-03-04

Report No: 2023-002, Published: 2023-01-24

Image by: AAIU Report

Shortly after becoming airborne from Runway 27 at Navan Airfield (EIHH), the Pilot noticed that his airspeed was lower than expected and decided to land again. The aircraft touched down and bounced before touching down again. The aircraft departed the runway and impacted a perimeter fence at the end of the runway and came to rest in an adjacent field. During the runway excursion, the aircraft sustained minor damage. The Pilot, who was the sole occupant of the aircraft, was uninjured. There was no fire.

N999RL, Robinson R44 Raven II, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2022-12-11

Report No: 2023-001, Published: 2023-01-10

Image by: AAIU Report

The Pilot of the helicopter contacted the Flight Information Service (FIS) at Shannon ATC at 14:32 hrs on the day of the accident to report that he was departing from Ballygarret, Co. Wexford, 'enroute to Rosslare and then over to Kilrush Airfield'. At 14:58 hrs, the Pilot contacted Shannon FIS to advise that he was 'lifting out of Rosslare for Kilrush Airfield', which is located in Co. Kildare. At 15:26 hrs, the Pilot reported to Shannon FIS that he was 'switching now to Kilrush frequency'. The radar data indicates that at 15:32 hrs, when the helicopter was approximately 0.7 nautical miles (NM) to the south-west of Kilrush Airfield and at an altitude of approximately 1,900 feet (ft), it turned right (north-east). The radar data also indicates that the helicopter continued generally north-eastwards past Kilrush and towards the Kennycourt area, which is also in Co. Kildare and located approximately 6.7 NM north-east of Kilrush Airfield. The last recorded radar position was approximately 0.3 NM (556 m) south-east of the accident site at 15:45 hrs. The data indicates that the helicopter was at an altitude of approximately 1,600 ft at this stage. Video footage obtained by the Investigation briefly showed the helicopter descending in a steep nose-down attitude in the final moments of the flight. A post-crash fire occurred that was subsequently extinguished by local fire services.

EI-FSR, ELA Aviacion SL, ELA 07S, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2022-03-18

Report No: 2022-012, Published: 2022-12-30

Image by: AAIU Report

During take-off from Runway 24 at Spanish Point Airfield (EISP), Co Clare, the tandem seat gyroplane, with one pilot and one passenger on board, encountered a gust of wind from the south-east which caused the gyroplane to depart from the runway centre line. The Pilot was unable to prevent the gyroplane from veering towards a boundary fence to the right of the runway where the main rotor struck a fence post. The gyroplane eventually came to rest on its left side and facing in the opposite direction to the departure runway. The Pilot was seriously injured in the accident. The gyroplane sustained substantial damage. There was no fire
Records 1 to 10 of 503